Love at First Strike

Love at First Strike

Just in time for Christmas! This was drawn for a former and current student of mine who both share a love of baseball. I was asked by a friend of theirs if I would draw the two of them for a Kris Kringle gift. As you can tell, they’re also Toronto Blue Jays fans. Here’s Giancarlo’s pic so you can get a sense of how much his caricature looks like him. pover edited

Don’t forget to place your order to “GET TOONED” in time for Christmas. Simply email a number of photos along with your ideas and I’ll let you know the price based on the size and amount of detail and colour. I sent this Toon to Staples for printing so Giancarlo simply had to go around the corner to pick it up. it’s designed as an 11 by 14 inch image so it fits a standard frame so it doesn’t require a more expensive custom frame. For inquiries, email me at